Entirely Locally Sourced

Golden's Oat Drink is Canada's first entirely locally sourced oat drink (dairy alternative). Everything from the packaging to the ingredients are purchased from Canadian farmers and businesses. With no additives or preservatives, Golden's offers a sustainable solution for your dietary needs. 


Hand-crafted using gluten-free organic oats sourced from a mill in Chilliwack, BC. Meet your dairy-free and gluten-free needs with our sustainably sourced oat milk. 

Flavour Focused

Golden's offers a variety of flavours inspired by local ingredients and flavours. Currently Golden's offers original unsweetened, honey lavender, and maple. Passed seasonal flavours include Chai, Pumpkin Spice, & Gingerbread. We are constantly innovating new flavours so stay tuned...

Our Ingredients

Our Oat Drink uses 4 simple ingredients: gluten-free organic oats, water, sea salt, and amylase (digestive enzyme).  These simple ingredients help us support our value of our commitment to Canadian Farmers while staying away from additives and preservatives. With farm fresh ingredients added for flavour, such as for our Honey Lavender and Maple Oat Drinks, Canadian's can taste their favourite local flavours for the first time in their favourite milk alternative. 

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