About Us

Meet the Founder

David Bowler is a recent university graduate passionate about creating sustainable businesses to create a better future. He started selling Golden's Oat Drinks because he deals with a dairy allergy and wanted a sustainable oat drink to consume. He started making Oat Drinks at home during the pandemic in order to cut costs as a university student and due to his love for Oat Lattes. Wanting to make his education a little bit more practical, he create this brand to make classes more interesting. He talked about it in classes often, applying his learnings to further develop his brand. When one of his professors suggested he compete in a nation-wide pitch competition with other student entrepreneurs. After making it into the top four, being beat out by the winner of the competition, he immediately signed a lease with a commercial kitchen in Vancouver and start producing his very favourite drink. After soft launching at many local markets, he relocated to Abbotsford so that he could serve his very own community!

About Us

Golden's Goods creates Canada's very first entirely locally sourced, handcrafted, and gluten-free oat drink. Golden's Goods wishes to provide the market with the first oat drink where every single ingredient and flavour is completely sourced locally and sustainably directly from Canadian farmers. We have created a local, sustainable oat drink, with seasonal flavours all created using local ingredients. Behind each of ingredients is the story of a local Canadian farmer.

We are also extremely passionate about providing natural products in order to better our physical wellbeing. Golden's does NOT use any oils or thickeners. It is simply made with simple ingredients. Being dairy and gluten-free, as well as having no unnatural added sugars in any of flavours -- we are providing the cleanest oat drink on the market.

Try it out and see how your body feels! We love drinking our oat drink because it not only tastes delicious but because it makes us feel good.

Core Values

We are 100% committed to Canadian farmers.

We use 100% natural ingredients.

We are passionate about the taste & consistency of our oat drink.